About Jessica's Website

I've been operating a personal website since 1996. In its early day it was just a single page with some of my favorite links and a paragraph about myself, less than you'd put on your myspace profile today! Of course, the site has moved around a bit over the years, through the dot-com boom and bust between various hosting sites. Some of the early locations of my homepage have included Netcom's Personal Webspace, Tripod, and Geocities. My geocities homepage was in the siliconvalley/vista neighborhood--who knew Vista would turn out to be a future Microsoft OS?

But since those days I've signed up for professional ad-free hosting on my own domain name. Currently the site is hosted through BlueHost. I picked them because aside from the necessary professional level of services that would make a geek drool (ssh access anyone? ruby? php?) their customer service has been nothing but outstanding.

The site itself is always growing and expanding (and hopefully improving!), in its first days the site size was measured in kilobytes, but these days the full site is measured in hundreds of megabytes.