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Illuminated ManuscriptsTypically an illuminated manuscript includes hand-painted full color illustrations (often with gold-leaf), decorative block caps, or colorful borders or other decorations in the margins.
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Ottheinrich Bible


An 8-volume illuminated New Testament. Originally commissioned in 1430, but the majority of the illustrations were not completed until Mathis Gerung was commissioned to complete the illustrations between 1530-32.

13 files, last one added on Apr 07, 2009

The Hours of Henry the VIII


A Renaissance devotional book containing such elements as a Calendar, Gospel Lessons, Hours of the Cross, etc. Illustrated by Jean Poyer c. 1500 AD

27 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

Maciejowski Bible


The Maciejowski or Morgan Bible was created around 1260 AD and illustrates Genesis through David in story-book fashion. The original captions were in Latin, but later translated into Persian and Judeo-Persian in the margins.

23 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

Prayer Book of Claude de France


The Prayer Book of Claude de France is a richly-illustrated miniature prayer book (text in Latin) made the french queen Claude in Tours, France (c. 1517)

11 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

Las Huelgas Apocalypse


A medieval Spanish commentary on the Apocalypse by the monk Beatus of Liébana (c. 1220 AD)

9 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

Bamberg Apocalypse


A medievial manuscript from c. 1000AD containing the Book of Revelation and a Gospel Lectionary. Illustrations include considerable use of gold and silver leaf.

45 files, last one added on Apr 07, 2009

Dyson Perrins Apocalypse


This Latin manuscript was from England, probably London, c.1260
Style: Tempera colors, gold leaf, and colored washes on parchment.
Each page contained a brief passage from the Apocalypse, a brief commentary, and a half page illustration. (MS. LUDWIG III 1)

77 files, last one added on Apr 04, 2009

Trinity Apocalypse


Contains the text of the Book of Revelation, with a commentary and detailed vivid illustrations. It was written in French in England circa 1260 AD.

7 files, last one added on Apr 03, 2009



20 files, last one added on Apr 12, 2009


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Bible Paintings
3 15
Hans Memling


Hans Mebling was a flemish painter (1430 –1494)

3 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

William Blake


11 files, last one added on Feb 19, 2010



1 files, last one added on Apr 07, 2009


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Bible Illustrations
2 23
Mirror of the Human Vessel


Das ist der spiegel der menschen behaltnis mit den ewangelien und mit epistelen nach der zyt des iars (mit dt. Perikopen und Auszügen aus Der Heiligen Leben)

Translated (roughly): This is the mirror of human vessel with gospels and epistles for the times of year (with German Liturgy and excerpts from The Holy Life)

published by Peter Drach der Ältere, c. 1480

13 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2009

Kitto's Pictorial Bible


10 files, last one added on Apr 07, 2009

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Adoration of the Beast
Beast Enthroned

Last additions
The Whore of BabylonPen and watercolour over pencil,
266 x 223 mm

Feb 19, 2010
The Vision of the Last JudgmentPen and watercolour,
510 x 395 mm
Feb 19, 2010
River of LifePen and watercolour,
305 x 336 mm
c. 1805
Feb 19, 2010
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun: 'the Devil is come down'Pen and watercolour,
408 x 337 mm

Feb 19, 2010