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Hey Freshmen...Is Your College Campus Complete?

Rhymes with Orange / Hilary Price

Rhymes With Orange/Hilary Price

Strip's Text:
(1) Is there a large ugly metal sculpture somewhere on campus? ("Why?")
(2) A vendor selling at least one of the above (Guatemalan stuff, Art posters, Silver earrings)
(3) A student hawking t-shirts that say "(your school) co-ed naked lacrosse"? ("Dude, its you")
(4) A credit card table by the student union to lure you into early debt? (Free watch! Free H20 Bottle! Sign Up Now! Free Mug! Free Phone!
(5) A dorm room sporting "the wall of empties"?
(6) A building in stark architectual contrast to all the others?
Remember, kids, these are the building blocks of any liberal arts education!

Tedious Lecture Bingo...A Must-Know Game for All Students

Rhymes with Orange / Hilary Price

Rhymes With Orange/Hilary Price

Strip's Text:
Intro: With your friends, Idenitfy which of your classmates fit the firve different achetypes of student behavior...
(1) The one who pretends to ask a question but is really making a statement
(2) The one who turns every topic into a personal story
(3) The devil's advocate who always opposes the teacher
(4) The obsessive hair flipper
(5) The one who inserts "Y'know", "I dunno", "Like", or "Umm" six times per sentence

Set up: Make up a set of six bingo cards, each one with a different pattern of archetypes on it. Before lecture, pass out one card to each player.
Playing: During lecture, makr off one square every time the archetype does their thing.
Winning: When you have five quares in a reow, inform others you've "Bingoed" by incoporating a previously agreed upon code words into class discussion. ?Try to use the the word without having the professor look at you like you're a lunatic...
"Sir, the two case are as different as apples and olives"

I've always enjoyed Hilary Price's astute observations, and her observations about college are no exception!.

For Better or Worse / Lynn Johnston

Elizabeth's observations about life as a college student:

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