Comic Strips about (and/or for) Geeks

The Code of Love: Heartbreak is like binary code--If you're not "the one", You feel like a zero

Rhymes with Orange / Hilary Price

"I'm sorry, I know its your birthday and you have poison ivy, but I'm leaving you because I've fallen in love with your best friend" ("?")
Today I'm a: (wheel: Pariah, Weepy Mess, Misanthrope, Loser)

Okay, I have to admit, this cartoon is not only so true in its message, but how often does Hilary Price mention "binary code" in her strips, and manage to tie it to relationships? Can I just say, Geek Love?

Extreme Programming

Dilbert / Scott Adams

Dilbert: Extreme Programming
Boss: The two fo you will be a code-writing team. Studies prove that two programmers on one computer is the most productive arrangement.
Wally (to Dilbert): Sometimes I can whistle through both nostrils. I've saved a fortune in harmonicas.

Of course, we all know the real reason its productive! Dilbert is furiously trying to tune-out Wally by concentrating on work. But is it working?

The New Standard: The Microsoft Minute

User Friendly by Illiad

Text of Panel 3:
"It took nine minutes for it to go from 38 to 37."
"Its the new standard: The Microsoft minute."
"24 minutes left. Psych! Back to 37 you go..."

If any of you have ever been confused by my reference to the joke about Microsoft confused no more!

Slay the Legacy Code Dragon

Mostly Business / Tedd Goff

"Howard, your quest will be to find a path through the haunted database, rescue the missing records, and slay the legacy code dragon"

MSCE Certified: Minesweeper Consultant and Solitare Expert

User Friendly / Illiad

Moral: Read the fine print on all certifications.

Geek Choices

User Friendly / Illiad

"From that point on I had a lot of hard choices to make as a geek...Do I learn Vi or Emacs?"
"And my choices only got harder as I got older and more experienced...Do I code my random number generator in basic or assembler?"
"And now that I've become a fully fledged geek and a man, I have critical choices to make every day." "Hey Mike? You okay with onions on the pizza? You can pick them off...

Ahhh, the good ol days of being a CSE student and having to make that crtical choice...VI or EMACS?

Java to Start the Day (Foxtrot / Bill Amend)

Foxtrot: Jason gives his dad java in the morning

The Road Less Traveled (Rhymes with Orange / Hilary Price)

Rhymes with Orange: The Road Less Traveled--cartoon about email addiction

To the left: sparkling cold water. To the right: Check your email.

A Geek's Revenge (Foxtrot / Bill Amend)

Foxtrot panel: Goldwater gets revenge on Peter

Two panels from a Sunday strip where Morton Goldthwait gets a moment of geeky revenge on Peter.

Shipwrecked Engineer (Bound & Gagged / Dana Summers)

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