My Other Ornaments


This one is an origami shopping bag, made out of silver origami paper. I used pink tissue in it (from a victoria's secret shopping bag no less) and used hot-glue to attach the bag handles (magenta metallic cord) which was probably the hardest part of this one. I decided after making this ornament that I should do more origami tree decorations next year--even if they don't have the durability of felt or plastic ornaments, they are very colorful and unique and not just like "everyone else's" tree.
NOEL: so this one is mostly felt, but it was a no-sew project, so its on this page. Its actually two-sided. Each side says the same thing, but the colors alternate in the opposite order. Ribbon connects the squares and makes a hook on the top. The lettering and borders are white acrylic paint. It took a couple coats to get the paint solid enough that you weren't looking at significant number of felt fibers through the paint. It came out really cool though so I'd be inclined to want to attempt another project like this again.

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