Devo: Promises of God

by Jessica Winblad
January 2007

Probably all of us are at least somewhat familiar with the story of Abraham, and remember his frequent title as the "father of faith" and remember his acts of faith being credited to him as righteousness, such as tithing to Melchizedek and taking his son up on the mountain as an offering to God.

Do you remember what God promised Abraham in Genesis 15:4? God said "this man will not be your heir, but one who will come forth out of your own body shall be your heir". God promised him offspring, and not only that but that his descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky (Gen 15:5).

But somewhere in that I see a lacking in faith. He could have had faith that God would bless his wife Sarah with child, but when they just weren't...ahem...making any babies, successfully...Sarah doesn't have the faith (at that point) that God is going to give them a child within God's design for a man and a woman, and tells her husband to sleep with her servant and get her pregnant. And the result of that whole fiasco was Islam (Ishmael), and a blessing by God to multiply his descendants to be "too many to count". And when God says no, he's going to establish his covenant with a son of Sarah, not Ishmael, (Gen 17:19) they have some disbelief in their heart. "Abraham fell on his face and laughed." In his heart he said, 'Will a child be born to a man 100 years old. And will Sarah who is 90 bear a child?" (Gen 17:17)

Sometimes God's promises seem crazy, they seem impossible. Everyone knows nobody who's 90 years old can get pregnant. That's just crazy. But sometimes God promises us things that seem crazy too.

But I challenge you: What has God promised you that you aren't taking him seriously about?

Its so easy to have that doubt, even the "father of faith" doubted God's promises. Has God spoken something into your life, but you just laugh and say "that's never going to happen" and start plotting in your own fleshly way how to "make God's promise" a reality...but not quite in the way God intended? When really, God was just saying, hold on just a little longer in faith that I do come through on my promises?....God wants to bless you with things he's already promised you.

Are you waiting in eager expectation for the blessing God has individually promised you? I challenge you to take God at his word that he is faithful, no matter what circumstances may lead you to believe. God is greater than our circumstances. And he has some huge blessings he wants to do in your life.

(Its interesting to note also that despite Abraham's doubts that God could give him a child, he still was obedient to what God told him to do, and had his entire family circumcised, even at his old age. There are further implications you can draw from this...)