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A Bible Study by Jessica Winblad

The Tabernacle is:

The Tabernacle is one of three sanctuaries:

Q. Is it true that there is a prophesy in the Bible that the temple be rebuilt in the last days?
A. Maybe, maybe not. There is mention of a temple in the last days but no concrete evidence one way or the other whether it is a physical temple on earth or a heavenly temple. Judge for yourself, read: 2 Thess. 2:4, Rev 13:15, Matt. 24:15. Do these refer to a physical temple? Does 1 Cor. 6:19 influence your opinion?

Keys to Interpreting the Tabernacle

Implication: The tabernacle in the Exodus is symbolic of similar but greater things in heaven

The Tabernacle is Divided into 3 Sections

Slide39 - Furniture

Each area has specific furnishings that are spelled out in detail in Exodus.

Slide38 - Courtyard Slide37 - Holy Place Slide36 - Most Holy Place

The Metals Used Are Symbolic

The Outer Courtyard

Slide47 - Bronze Altar Slide46 - Bronze Laver

The Holy Place

Slide43 - Altar of Incense Slide44 - Golden Lampstand Slide45 - Table of Showbread

The Most Holy Place

Slide42 - Ark of Covenant

The curtains of the Most Holy Place were decorated with Cherubim.

Slide34 - Cherubim Slide35 - More Cherubim

The High Priest

The high priest wore a special garment called an Ephod.

Slide48 - Ephod

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