Update Log

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Making good progress on site cleaning and focusing. Today's most important addition is a new top-level category for faith, so now there's a one-stop shopping place to find all the stuff that's distinctly about Christinity.

Included in all that was updating some previously unlinked/hard to find articles about Christianity. Major reorganization of About Me, Entertainment, Art, and Computers indexes. Added some new content such as replacing jokes with more appropriate ones, and Understanding Christianity through Engineering (in draft/beta)

Fixed a lot of broken links. Fixed some redirects as well.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Current project is updating the "About Me" section to be a little less...obsolete. Christmas Letter 2005 added. San Diego Wildfires 2003 (beta version) now accessible after (extensive) proof-reading, correcting spellings and capitalizations and adding pictures.

It is my prayer that people would see Christ in me through the content on my website. I pray my personal character reflects that of the character of God. If you should see anything up here that does not reflect the character of a godly woman, I would appreciate the gentle chastening of having it pointed out to me--its hard to get rid of sin from your life that you don't even realize you have!

I do fret from time to time that a lot of the content on my website was written long before I got saved, and reflects, perhaps, the character of who I was at that point in my life rather than the present time. I am slowly going through and re-evaluating the plethora of content that has been long-standing here and bringing it up to a higher standard for quality and content.

The about-me section, being the most personal, but perhaps, least frequently updated, is long overdo for an over-haul. When my vision of what it will look like when this round of revision is truly complete is something that shares both the experiences that have made me who I am today, for better and worse, as well as how having Jesus Christ in my life has had a tremendous impact in changing my life for the better! Until you can see the Jesus in me, I haven't accomplished my goal.