Update Log

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This weekend I did a lot of updating to the Bible Study section. In particular, I started formatting my Hebrews study for the internet, and the book introduction and segment 1 are done and look really awesome. The other segments look like a work in progress, so I slapped big construction stickers all over them to make it clear those parts aren't really "done" yet, and aren't finished quality.

I also posted a bunch of other miscellaneous bible study materials I already had on my computer. Some of them I just converted to PDF to post as an attachment, others I converted to html and posted.

I also started a section for my tabernacle study. What is up is just a small portion of the full study. I have a combination of source materials to work with--I have a huge word file that is a word version of the study. Then I set that aside and started making a powerpoint about the tabernacle... so deal is I have a huge amount of material to work with, but its not very well organized and needs some sorting and addition of transitions and editing it down to a reasonable quantity of material, in a format that's easy to digest.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've been sneaking in more stealth updates througout the week, mostly in the travel and faith sections. Many of the changes are not outwardly apparent yet, but I'm working on overhauling the travel section as I am going to promote it to a top level page in place of the Africa link (which will become a sub-page). But it needs a bit of work first, both in terms of content that's not there yet, and in terms of making an index page for it that is navigatable, clear, and draws you in with interest to keep poking around in that section.

The faith section was previously a bit scant...a lot of great ideas, but what is up is not in my opinion my best material I have to work with. Currently, I'm not developing new material for the website, I'm working on cleaning up stuff I've already written but have never published online before, and turning them into web-formatted content. I love charts and tables and am trying to get more of them up. This material mostly comes from bible study notes and in-depth studies I've done. The goal of this section's update is to overhaul the content such that someone coming here could totally be edified spiritually and grow in the knowledge and understanding of the bible and applying it to their life. Take out the mediocrity of this section that looks like a poorly planned afterthought and organize the content and navigation into something that is inviting and draws in the audience to keep digging in!

Thursday, June 05, 2008