"Out of This World" (1987)

US TV series 1987-1991 Color (Fox Network) 
Produced by Bob Barker Productions 
Language: English 
Runtime: 96 episodes, 30 minutes each 
Directors: Scott Baio, Bob Claver, Michael Dimitch, Selig Frank, Jeffrey Ganz, Stan Harris, Russ Petranto, Jack Regas, and Renny Temple. 
Cast: (in credits order)
Cast Member Character Played
Joe Alaskey Beano Froelich (1987-1990)
Donna Pescow Donna Garland
Maureen Flannigan Evie Ethel Garland
Doug McClure Mayor Kyle Applegate
Tom Nolan Mick (1990-1991)
John Roarke Phil (1987-1988)
Carl Steven Quigley Handlesman (1987-1988)
Peter Pitofsky Pete (1990-1991)
Burt Reynolds (voice of) Troy Garland of Anterias
Christina Nigra Lindsey Selkirk
Steve Burton Chris Fuller
Buzz Belmondo Buzz
rest of cast 
Tony Crane Jeffrey Cummings (1990)

Notable Guest Appearances:
Guest Character Played  Episode  Year 
Deanna Claire Gymnast "Evie Goes For The Gold"  
Scott Baio  Prince Neil    1988
Allison Barron  Sissy    1989
Robert V. Barron  Abraham Lincoln  "Honest Evie"  
Tom Bosley  Grandpa  "Around the World in 80 Minutes"   
Jim Byrnes (I)  Jim  "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?"   
David Doyle (I)  Star the dog (voice)  "Star Dog"   
Herb Edelman  Stanley Mansfield  "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"   
Lucy Lee Flippin    "Frisky Business"   
D.D. Howard    "Garden of Evie, The"   
Richard Moll  Driver License Examiner  "Evie's Drivers License"   
John C. Moskoff    "It's a Cruel World"   
Robert Torti    "Rocks that Couldn't Roll, The"   
Spice Williams Mosquito Woman