Evie (Maureen Flannigan)Out Of This World

Out Of This World is one of my all time favorite TV Shows. It ran from 1987 to 1991 as a syndicated show, playing on many Fox stations. The central character of the show was Evie Ethel Garland (played by Maureen Flannigan). She lived with her mom Donna Garland (Donna Pescow) in a sunny house in Marlow, California. Her father Troy (voice by Burt Reynolds) was an alien who lived in Anterias. Evie is able to talk to her dad through a crystal cube. Because she is half alien, Evie was able to freeze time by touching the tips of her index fingers together as well as "gleep" things into existence and transport herself from one place to another. Often times there were visitors at the Garland home: Uncle Beano (Joe Alaskey), Kyle Applegate (Doug McClure) the mayor of Marlow, Lindsey Selkirk (Christina Nigra) Evie's best friend, Buzz (Buzz Belmondo), and Evie's boyfriend Chris (Steve Burton)
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