Chocolate-Chip Carob Cookies

A lot of people don't know what carob-powder is. It has a lot of similarity to cocoa-powder, but unlike cocoa, carob doesn't have caffiene in it. It has a slightly different flavor than cocoa, a "tangy" variant that is difficult to place your finger on exactly what it tastes like. I grew up on this stuff, my dad would use it for things like carob-banana smoothies, but I was perfectly happy to just lick the carob powder off my fingers. If you can't find carob powder at your local market, try the health-food aisle or go to a specialty health-food store like Whole Foods.

The basis for the ingredients this recipe is essentially a straight substitution of carob powder for cocoa powder in a double choclate chocolate-chip cookie recipe I got from a Hershey's Cookbook. I couldn't find carob-chips in my area, so I just used regular chocolate chips, so it has a mix of the familiar chocolate chip flavor with the novelty of an added ingredient most people are unfamiliar with. Coworkers described the cookies as having "zing" or "tang" compared to a normal chocolate chip cookie, but overall most people liked the variation. I also included the optional walnuts in the recipe for texture.

They definitely look more appetizing cooked than they do ready to go in the oven!

And maybe you're wondering where the recipe itself is? In a box in storage at the moment. Not the most helpful. Sorry, eventually I'll get the recipe up here. Maybe in the meantime you can google the recipe title from the Hershey's Cookbook.

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