Stuffed Danish Pancakes (Uganda)

Danish Pancakes are a favorite in Denmark, and this recipe is one I first experienced at a Danish Restaurant in Uganda. This recipe reflects the Ugandan version, which may vary from other Danish implementations due to regional availability. Joyce descibed the pancake batter as a "basic" pancake batter, without specifying the exact proportions. Browsing through Danish cookbooks, keeping in mind what sort of ingredients are common and available Uganda (eg. no buttermilk), I found a recipe that should suffice and have attempted to convert the units to US terms.


Pancake Batter: (for approx. 10?? pancakes)


Other Ingredients:


  1. Chop fruit and vegetables
    1. Pineapple: Diced
    2. Cucumber: peeled and somewhat thinly diced
    3. Tomato: Diced
    4. Avacado: Mashed, may add a bit of squeezed lemon if desired
    5. Onions: finely chopped (go light when filling)
  2. Prepare meat: brown meat sprinkled lightly with salt, paprika, and oil, chopping with spatula into very fine chunks.
  3. Make pancake batter
    1. Mix the batter ingredients, making sure there are no lumps.
    2. Cook the pancake on a large flat pan. Tilt the pan in all directions after pouring batter to spread it out thinly before cooking. Grease pan lightly before first pancake.
    3. Bake until evenly golden brown on both sides.
  4. Fill pancake meat, fruit and vegetable.
  5. Wrap pancake around toppings.
  6. Serve immediately (while still warm). 2 pancakes per person recommended


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