Smiley Faces

Sideways Ones
:-)happy :)a variation of happy
:-(sad :-osurprised, worried
>:-)angry ;-/skeptical
:-\undecided }:->devilish
:-|ambivalent / no expression :-&tounge tied
%-)sly l-obored
:*)clowning :-cbummed out
O:-)angelic 0:-)the other halo
:~/mixed up ;->sarcastic
;-)winking ;-Dlaughing
:o)babe the pig :-Xno comment
=:>)rabbit =:-0yeow !!
8:-)little girl <:-)dunce
:-Ptounge sticking out :-!foot in mouth
:-0Yo !! [:-)walkman
@->--rose &:-/Elvis, curly hair
X:-)bad hair day =)Smile!
@@(: l)yet another bad hair day =DTalking
=:-)Not much better hair day (c:silly nose
:-[]Very hungry :-{Moustache
:-DCan't keep mouth shut <:-(Dunce
<:-Ianother dunce *|:-)With a hat
:-DTalking o|-<Midget person
:-$Really confused :>)=Beard
:-#user wears braces / lips are sealed :-8talking from both sides of mouth
:-Jtounge in cheek B-)Sunglasses
:-)XWith a bow-tie d:-)Baseball nut
B :-)Sunglasses on top of head {:-)hair parted in middle, toupee
:-rtounge out :-[Pouting
:-Qsmoker :-?pipe smoker
C=:-)chef :/ino smoking
:-)~drooling <:>==turkey
#:-)bushy hair (:Iegghead
:-P```Drooling (sees food) O-)Cyclops
:-). . .drooler l-)Asleep
:-EBuck-tothed :'-(Crying
@@@@@:-)Marge Simpson :-?Lopsided grin with dimple
:#Swearing :*(sad
:-@Yawning :-)>Goatee
@}-----}----tall rose

Not Sideways Ones
<*))))><Fish (::[]::)Band-Aid
=====~cigarette \_/drink
(:@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Dcatepillar (top view) l_l)mug
()))))_____________)~~~~~~~~another cigarette

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