Smiley Faces (page 2)


Basic Positive Emotions:

:-)             yer standard smiley face
:->             alternate mouth
:^)             alternate nose...
(:-)            smiley big-face
):-)            smiley big-face
:-D             said with a smile
8-|             eyes wide with surprise
:-o             wow!
:-v             speaking
:-,             smirk
|-)             laughing
|-D             laughing
:-P             tongue hanging out in anticipation
M:-)            saluting (symbol of respect)
$-)             just won the lottery or winning big at Las Vegas

Kiss, Kiss!

P-)             getting fresh
;-)             getting fresh (2)
:-x             kiss kiss
:-X             a big wet kiss!
(:-*            kiss...

Wink, Wink...

;-)             wink ( take this message with a grain of salt)
,-}             wry and winking
:-7             after a wry statement
9-)             wink, left
6-)             wink, right

Basic Non-Committal Emotions:

:-\             undecided
:-i             semi-smiley
:-/             lefty undecided smiley
|-)             asleep (boredom)
|I              asleep (boredom)
:-|             "have an ordinary day" smiley
:-I             puzzled
:-T             keeping a straight face
{}              a 'no comment' message
:-#             submitter's lips are sealed
:-x             "my lips are sealed" smiley
:-P             has a secret to tell you
:-Y             a quiet aside
M-),:X),:-M     sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil

Basic Unhappiness:

:-(             yer standard frowning face
):-(            unsmiley big-face
:-O             worried
:-o             shocked
:-C             just totally unbelieving
:-V             shout
:-[             pouting
&.(..           crying
---...---       - S.O.S
:-w             speak with forked tongue
:-r             sticking tongue out
&-|             tearful
:-c             real unhappy
:-|             grim
:-P             sticking out tongue (symbol of disrespect)
:-o             shocked
:-(O)           yelling
:~(             has had his nose put out of joint
:-@             screaming
:-<             real sad
:-*             oops!
:-c             bummed out
:-e             disappointed
(:-(            unsmiley frowning
:-8(            condescending stare
(:-#            message concerning something that shouldnt have been said...
:-d             lefty smiley razzing you
(:-\            VERY sad...
(:-...          heart-breaking message...
:-t             cross
:-<             same


>:-<            mad
(:-&            angry...
:-8(            has condescending stare
:-@             extremely angry
>-<             absolutely livid!!
:-||            anger
|-O             bored by the article that you submitted
>:-(            sick and tired of reading this nonsense
~:-(            particularly angry
:-]             expressing biting sarcasm
:-[             expressing biting criticism


(:-$            ill...
:-(*)           sick of recent netnews and is about to vomit
:-(             has read too many 'smiley' articles
:-{~            read too many toilet paper articles before lunch
:-'|            has a cold
:-R             has the flu
%')             just finished a fifth of lunch

                     Overwork/Overparty Emotions:

:*)             drunk
:-&             tongue-tied
#-)             partied all night
8-O             has taken too many nodoz to work on thesis
|-(             late night messages
%-)             has been staring at the terminal for 36 hours
:-*             just ate a sour pickle
%-<I>           drunk with laughter

Personality Traits:

|:-|            excessively rigid
(:I             egghead
<:I             dunce
=:-)            a hosehead
O:-)            face with halo- acting very innocent
<:-)            dumb questions
:-[             un-smiley blockhead
:-]             blockhead
<:-)            conehead
I:-)            blockhead
*8=(:           blubbering idiot
:-D             talks too much
(:<)            blabber mouth
(:-D            blabber mouth
:-%             talking out of both sides of mouth


Facial Hair of All Varieties:

(:-)            bald

|:-)            has heavy eyebrows

:-}             has beard
:-%             has beard
:-)}            has goatee/beard
:-@             beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso
(:-{~           a message from a person with a beard

:-{             has mustache
:-{)            has moustache
:-#|            bushy mustache
:-=)            older smiley with mustache

%-)             with long bangs
(-)             needing a haircut
{:-)            hair parted in the middle
}:-)            above in an updraft
&:-)            message from a person with curly hair
@:-)            message from a person with wavy hair
{:-)            has new hair style
{:-{)}          has new hair style, mustache and beard
-:-)            sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
=:-)            long hair
3:-)            curly hair
[:-)            flattop
#:-)            crewcut
?:-)            wavy hair, parted on right
*:-)            electric hair

{(:-)           wearing toupee
}(:-(           wearing toupee in wind

{{-}}}          a refugee from the '60's

Clothing, Glasses, Etc.

(:-|K-          formal message
:-)8            well dressed
:-X             has bow tie

g-)             ponce-nez glasses
::-)            wears glasses
(8-)            message from a person wearing glasses...
8-)             wears glasses
B-)             wears horn-rims
8:-)            wears glasses on forehead
B-)-[<          wearing sunglasses and swimming trunk
%-)             message about people with broken glasses
R-)             has broken glasses
8-)             wears glasses
B-)             wears sunglasses
B-|             wearing cheap sunglasses

%-)             crossed-eyed
'-)             only has a left eye, which is closed
.-]             one-eyed smilely
.-)             has one eye
?-(             about people with a  black eye
':-)            shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning

@:I             wears turban
\:-)            wears a french hat
d:-)            baseball player (hat on sideways)
+(:-)           propeller beanie
[:-)            listening to walkman thingy


:-v             talking head
:-$             face with it's mouth wired shut
:-9             licking it's lips
:-B             drooling
:-)'            tends to drool
:-6             after eating something sour
:-*             after eating something bitter
:-q             trying to touch its tongue to its nose
:-a             lefty smilely touching tongue to nose
:-o             singing national anthem
:-7             talks out of side of mouth
:-{}            wears lipstick
:-#             has been punched in the mouth
:-b             left-pointing tongue smiley
:-"             pursing lips

:-(=)           message about people with big teeth
:-#             has braces
:-{#}           messages teasing people about their braces
:-E             has major dental problems


:-G-            smokes cigarettes
:-Q             smoker
:-p~            smokes heavily
:-d~            smokes heavily
:-)             pipe smoker
:-?             smilely smoking a pipe
:-Z             tobacco chewer
:-7             tobacco chewer, getting ready to spit
:-`             spitting out chewing tobacco


:~)             has ugly nose (needs nose job)
:u)             funny-looking left nose
:>)             has big nose
:n)             funny-looking right nose
:~)             pointy nose (righty)
:v)             left-pointing nose
:^|             broken nose
(:^(            message concerning people with broken noses
:^)             messages teasing people about their noses
(:+)            has a big nose...
:=)             has two noses
:%)%            has acne


8:-)            a little girl
:-)-}8          a big girl

Other Appearance:

:-)))           very overweight
~:o             baby
:-:             mutant
[:-]            a message  concerning a square head
:<              midget unsmiley
:>              midget
                invisible man
C:-)            has large brain capacity
%-~             painted by Picasso


=0==            message about mexican on a railroad!
=t==            message about mexican run over by train
>|->            message from China...
<|-)=           chinese
<|-(=           chinese and doesn't like this article
|-)             chinese
_:^)            Indian
@:-)            Indian (East)
*\:-)           Scottish
<:-)            Vietnamese peasant (unlikely)
](-[3           Viking
(-:             Australian
:<()            African tribesman
>:^(            headhunter (Amazon style)
I8${}           Ubangi - bone in nose
X8-{}           Ubangi's wife
*8-O            Ubangi's child
i:o             Ubangi's baby


+<:-|           message from a monk/nun...
:-0             orator
8-)             swimmer
:-%             banker
*(H-)           downhill skier
=:-)            punk-rocker
=:-#}           punk with a mustache....
>B=)            punk rocker
=:-(            (real punk rockers don't smile)
:-) 8           plays guitar
:-) O           plays banjo
(:)-)           scuba diver
0-)             wearing scuba mask
8=:-)           a chef
<<<<(:-)        message from a hat sales-man...
(:>-<           message from a thief: hands up!
0-)             an arc-welder
(o:v)           coal miner
O:v)>--o        doctor
CD:-)>          railroad engineer
:-)W:-)         barber
+<||-)          knight


:= |            baboon
:=8)            baboon
d8=             eager beaver
pq`#'           bull
~M`'~           camel
}:-<            cat
__Q~`__         cat
   )            the Cheshire cat
3:-o            cow
pp#             cow
:3-<            dog
6\/)            the elephant submitter
}.              elephant
(O--<           fishy message
>-^);>          fish
8)              frog
B)              frog who is wearing sunglasses
8P              bullfrog and it's mating season
:-[ ]           shark (jaws of doom)
8:]             gorilla
:8)             pig
::)             pig
3:*>            Rudolph the reindeer
|)              salamander
~~~~~8}         snake
:<=             walrus
:V              woodpecker


B-)             Batman
C=:-)           The Galloping Gourmet
8=:-K           The Sweedish Chef
:-o             Mr. Bill
#:o+=           Betty Boop
>:*)            Bozo the Clown
*:o)            Bozo the Clown
*:O)            Bozo the Clown
:-)))           William Conrad
>>-O->          Gen. Custer
:/7)            Cyrano de Bergerac
{8<>            Daffy Duck
]:-)            The Devil
8(:-)           Walt Disney
7:-)            Fred Flintstone
[8-]            Frankenstein
8(:-)-3         Annette Funicello
{:^=(           Hitler
X:-)            Aunt Jemima
K:-)            Aunt Jemima's sister
  -             Helen Keller
=|:-)           Abe Lincoln
(D:-]           General Patton
%-~             Picasso
%-^             Picasso
+O:-)           The Pope
:-\             Popeye
5:-)            Elvis Presley
8-]             FDR
=):-)           Uncle Sam
O==):-{         Uncle Sam
*<|:-)          Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
8+()            Tina Turner
:-[             vampire
:-E             vampire with buck teeth
4:-)            George Washington


-=#:-)          has wizard status
$-)             a yuppie
Q:-)            a new grad
b-)             pirate (with eye patch)
L:-)            just graduated
:<|             attends an Ivy League school
(:   (=|        going to be a ghost for Halloween...
=:-H            plays for NFL
(V)=|           a pacman champion
o-)             a cyclops
@-)             a cyclops
*-(             a cyclops who got poked in the eye
B-{=            vampire


~~:-(           subscribes to alt.flame
O |-)           subscribes to soc.religion
8 :-I           subscribes to comp.unix-wizards
X-(             subscribes to soc.suicide
E-:-I           subscribes to rec.ham-radio
>:-I            subscribes to rec.startrek
3:o[            subscribes to rec.pets
- @=            messages about nuclear war
(:-)            messages dealing with bicycle helmets

__.             asleep
O-(==<          asleep
===:[OO']>:===  feels he/she has been railroaded
;^?             has punched out for submitting sexist article
*-)             was shot for the last posting
i-=<***i        CAUTION: poster has flame thrower
i-=<******o-(==<    ...and uses it! (alternately,  i-=<*** __.  )
~~~\8-O         needs to fix frayed cord on terminal
\/\/\/\,8-O     really should fix frayed line cord on terminal
M:-<            just had a bad experience with "rm"...


O-S-<           a message from a person in a hurry
O-Z-<           a message from a person in a big hurry
O-&-<           a message from a person who is doing nothing
O-G-<           a message concerning oneself
*:*             message about fuzzy things
*:**            message about fuzzy people with a fuzzy mustache
(-:             left-handed
oo              somebody's head-lights are on messages
._)             suffers from Lorentz contraction
<:-)<<|         message from a space rocket...
<I==I)          a message on four wheels

[:|]            a robot (or other appropriate AI project)
-----           a computer

C):-O           a barbershop quartet

nothin' left to do but :-) :-) :-)      Grateful Dead-head

  !             bum w/cigarette

  !             movie producer w/cigarette


.'v             talking
.'V             shouting
.'w             speaking with forked tounge
.'T             keeping a straight face
.'r             sticking tounge out
.'P             sticking tounge out
.'"             pursing lips
.'Y             whistling
.'\             frowning
.'!             grim
.^v             pointy nose
.'U             yawning
.'J             smiling
~'v             long bangs
!.'v            flat top
=.'v            mohawk
@.'v            curly hair
,.'v            short hair
*<.'v           snow cap on
+<.'v           knight
d.'v            wears hard hat

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