Smiley Faces (page 3)

P-)   eyepatch over left eye
B-)   glasses
b-)   eyepatch over right eye
R-)   wink with galsses
S-)   crooked or broken glasses
C-)   squinting cyclops
p-)   monocle
B-|   straight face (used with any eye combination)
Q-)   winking cyclops
O-)   cyclops
L-)   funky hairdo
T-)   funky glasses
E-)   wide eyes
H-)   cross-eyed

[:-)    smiley with headphones
:-)     humorous
:-(     be prepared for trouble
(:-)    messages dealing with bicycle helmets
<:-)    dumb questions
oo      somebody's head-lights are on messages
O>-<|=  messages of interest to women
o>8<|=  messages about interesting women
;-)     wink ( take this message with a grain of salt)
|-(     late night messages
:^)     messages teasing people about their noses
:-{#}   messages teasing people about their braces
-  @=   messages about nuclear war

(:-#   Message concerning something that shouldnt have been said...
(:-$   Message indicating person is ill...
(:-&   Message indicating person is angry...
(:-*   Kiss...
(:+)   Message concerning a  big nose...
(:=)   Message concerning people with TWO noses (???)
(:-\   Message indicating person is VERY sad...

(:^(   message concerning people with broken noses
(:<)   message concerning blabber mouths
:-(=)  message about people with big teeth.
&:-)   message from a person with curly hair
@:-)   message from a person with wavy hair
?-(    about people with a  black eye.
*:*    message about fuzzy things
*:**   message about fuzzy people with a fuzzy mustache
%-)    message about people with broken glasses
+<:-|  message from a monk/nun...
{0-)   message from cyclops...
(:-D   message cocerning another blabber mouth...
(:-|K- formal message.
B-)    message from Batman !!!

=0== - message about mexican on a railroad!
=t== - message about mexican run over by train.
@%&$%&$\&*@%$#@ - you know what that means...
---...--- - S.O.S

<{:-)}    message in a bottle...
<:-)<<|   message from a space rocket...
(:-...    heart-breaking message...
>|->      message from China...
<<<<(:-)  message from a hat sales-man...
(O--<     a fishy message...
(8-)      message from a person wearing glasses...
(:>-<     message from a thief: hands up!
<I==I)    a message on four wheels
 [:-]     a message  concerning a square head.
 (:-{~    a message from a person with a beard.
 {}       a 'no comment' message.
 O-S-<    a message from a person in a hurry.
 O-Z-<    a message from a person in a big hurry.
 O-&-<    a message from a person which is doing nothing.
 O-G-<    a message concerning oneself.

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