Game Review

Diamonds by C & L Software/Douglas Clark

Diamonds is simple but addicting. It has a vague resemblence to other breakout games like brickles. You are the bouncing ball, and you use the right and left shift keys to move. Goal is to eat all the diamond bricks on each level. Catch is you have to eat all the colored bricks on the level before you can eat the diamond bricks. To eat bricks of a specific color you have to bounce into the key for that color. And avoid the death trap holes!

Here is a download link for the shareware version of Diamonds. It is a dos game, but runs fine launched from within windows98.

Strategy Tips:

Practice. Timing is important in this game.

Screen Shots:

Level 1: Pretty easy. Those rainbow skulls are where you want to avoid.

On level 2 you need to eat all the cyan bricks before touching any of the keys because there is no cyan key.

Level 3 introduces locks... which really don't make this harder except you can lose the key to the lock if you lose a life.

Level 4: Still pretty easy... that green block in the top right corner is the hardest one to get.