Okay, first off, let me say straight off, I dont' like Half Life or any of it's varients (I know ya'll love Counter-Stike, sorry ;-) ). I know, it is the favorite of almost every gamer I know.... but I got a major teeny-tiny problem with the graphics. They are just too disorienting. I have trouble with which way is *up* in the game and keeping myself from just feeling sick if i watch the game. but if it weren't for that i might love the game. But on the other hand, I like Unreal Tournament and Descent a lot better. And Quake 3, I like that too, but I can only play that for five minutes at a time because it just makes me motion sick cuz the graphics move too fast. I think i'll just stick to Unreal.

Or, in reality there is a whole different class of games I play much more often--Strategy games. Bust-A-Move, the good ol game most of you know from playstation? Well, I have problems with the playstation controllers, but I love playing the PC version :). And other varieties of Bubble Bobble? Well, I got every emulator neccesary to play them (NeoGeo, Gameboy, Nintendo, etc)

Other emulator games I like a lot too. Mostly though I just stick to Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Mostly in particular to Mario Brothers (all versions, cept 2 which isn't that fun), and Sonic (WTF? a game I can get through a whole world without killing myself?!?!).

But more often, i'll be playing a card game. Solitiare, set to one card draw, timed game, standard scoring. Or if not that, Accordian Solitaire (the version I have is part of the SoLaTor games package) or Kings Corners (well, there are *two* whole different games with this name, but they are both good). Microsoft Cruel and Golf and all the other good old Microsoft Entertainment Pack games (Ski Free, Jezzball, Rodent's Revenge, Rattler Race, etc.) are favorites too.

Last but not least I got two other categories of games. Windows 3.1 strategy games, and Dos Games. Windows games: Pipe Dream, Sim City Classic (I could play that *all* day), Tetris, many many varients of Tetris, Mancala, Gemstorm, Lines95, and who could forget Jewel Thief (now with a review written by me)?

Dos games had all the plot and video-game like ones I loved, and still play today. has a lot of them available for dowload. Moraff's Super Blast, Brix, Jill of the Jungle, Spit Wad Willy, Wacky Wheels (good for two players), Buggle, Elfland, Diamonds (that one is *really* hard to find--but I have it here for you) and Double Dare (go ega color games! do you know lots of Alf trivia?--You might win either a palm springs or hawaii vacation). And another one of my personal favorites, Squarez Deluxe, one of the few that really *is* more fun in two player mode, so long as you can con the *other* player into being keyboard and not mouse.

someday maybe i'll add download links and screen captures of my favorite games. someday... :) Like here for example, is a screen shot of Kye, a windows 3.1 strategy puzzle game that you can make up one of your own boards for.