Game Review

Jewel Thief by ServantWare/Paul Ligeski

Jewel Thief is definitely one of my all time favorite games, one of the few that is 100% mouse based. This game looks so easy on the surface, all you have to do is move your person over all the jewels on the screen without having all your lives eaten by running into enemies such as spiders, bats, and helicopters, and then you move on to the next level. There are 14 levels. The last one, with raindrops requires very precise timed mouse movements to get through. This game is very addictively simple yet challenging.

Here is a download link for Jewel Thief shareware version 1.3. It works fine on Windows 95/98, but seeing as how it was written in 1992, i'm pretty sure it better work on Windows 3.1 also. The only thing worth noting is that the game is much easier to play in 256 color mode than "high color" mode. In high color mode the guards and bats and whatnot will appear almost invisible. Change your display settings first.

Strategy Tips:

Did you catch what I said about setting your display to 256 color mode? I also like to turn my resolution down to 640x480 to play this game--that's what it was designed for, and definitely seems easier that way. Turn your windows "asterisk" and "default sound" to none or pc speaker beep. If you have a sound file, you will only hear one "ding" when you lost five lives, whereas with pc speaker sound you get more immediate feedback of how fast you have to move to avoid double and triple dings on your lives. Other than that, make sure you clean your mouse before playing--being able to accurately and precisely move the mouse is critical in this game. Oh yeah, and one last strategy: practice. Warm up on "expert" and then turn it down and suddenly the game will seem really easy compared to the faster mode.

Screen Shots:

This is the ninth level, one of my favorites because it's when you can stop and take a "rest break" since the guards can't move up to the sky but you can. This comes right after a challenging level too, so getting here is an accomplishment most days.

This is the second level. The first level looks much the same but with a different jewel. See how they start you off easy with only four "enemies" you want to avoid?

What can I say about this one? The bats are much easier than the spiders that come on this same background in the next level. I like the cute heart shaped rubies.

Ships... nothing particularly exciting about this level other than it is nearly impossible in high color mode because the Onyx triangles disappear unless they overlap!