Artwork & My Creative Side

I'm always doing some sort of art project. Sometimes it's origami and folding paper cranes. Other times it's drawing or sewing or something else entirely.

My Artistic Tendencies
*Dresser Artwork
*Assorted Youth Artwork
*Lettering & Typography

Sewing & Crafts
*Crafts/Felt Ornaments Index
    *How I got interested?
    *Ornament Kit Brand Comparison Chart
    *Felt Ornament Stitch Guide
    *Felt Ornaments I've Made
    *Other Ornaments I've Made

Computer Art
*Best of My Original Computer Wallpaper
*Desktop Customizations (circa 2001)
*Photoshop Graphic Design Example (old)

Downloadable Art

*LiveJournal Icons - Images of max size 100x100px for use as avatars
*Vista Icons
*Icons - Windows 98/2000 format
*AIM Buddy Icons - Images of size 48x48px to 50x50px (circa 2001)