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Welcome to Sunbear Software

Did you notice a should be link where it says "Download this program" but there is no link to actually download? If you email your request to the webmaster of this site, most (if not all) of these programs which are not linked are still available as either nag-screen-free executables and/or Visual Basic 6 source code.

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What do We Have to Offer You?

Same Game - Strategy Game where you try and eliminate marbles in the most point scoring order
Gifview - a wallpaper/web page background viewer & html preview page generator
Twister Spinner - automated spinner the game Twister so the game can be played with only two players
Aim Tool - change your AIM fonts and colors to be anything you want... not just the default 25 windows colors any more
Color Tool- Make the windows desktop color blend in with your wallpaper, also has html color codes
Binary Number Calculator - converts numbers to/from binary & has hex output
Checkbook Balance Calculator - does the math of balancing your checkbook similar to how the form on the back of your bank statement works
Image Lister - creates an html index file for all the web viewable graphics in the open folder

Wallpaper Changer - randomly changes your wallpaper without any interface in the way (it's something you might put in your startup group)


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